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Music Video

CC Mason on SIX Episodes  of ABC TV Bunheads
Body Double and Stunt Double
And Finally...... my first on screen gig! I was 15 and was still wearing braces, but I got to be in a video with Andy Hurley, Brendon Urie, Joe Troman and, Patrick Stump on the set of
Fall Out Boy's  "What A Catch Donnie 2009". What tween girl wouldn't like that!
CC Mason and Fall Out Boy

Eric M.Estrada, Michael Yo, CC Mason, Trevor Pennick, Starring Eric "Smooth E" Schwartz in a parody of
Taylor Swift. Watch "We were Never Ever Actually Together"
CC Mason on set of CBS TV 's  1960's drama  "VEGAS" with
               Dennis Quaid , Jason O'Mara  & Taylor Handley                    2  Episodes
Photo Gallery of CC Mason  on
Don Jons with Joseph Gordon Levitt, Pretty Little Liars 2 Seasons , Body Of Proof,
Vegas 2 Episodes, and Bunheads (6 Episodes)

Above: CC Mason on CBS "Vegas" Episode "Little Fishes" 

Below:CC Mason and Mindy Kahling, FOX Television The Mindy Project Episode Teen Patient
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Kiss Kiss Kiss
by CC Mason
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CC Mason  on Disneys' Austin and Ally Season 2
CC Mason on the
Pilot Episode of "Surviving Jack" with Christopher Meloni 2014
Look for CC Mason
Episode 1 of Disneys'
"I Didn't Do It" 2014

CC Mason  Co-Host of Telepictures / TBS
2014 Pilot "Outsmarted"
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